Friday, August 8, 2014

Only The Best Quote Ever!

You know how Goodreads has those monthly emails they send you? Well, several times they also include these amazing quotes that Goodreads has remade into a gorgeous picture. There have been many wonderful quotes before (I even used them as my profile picture several times), but the quote I saw a few weeks ago is my favorite.

"Books fall open, you fall in." Honestly, that's just such a wonderful quote, and expresses readers and book bloggers from everywhere. In fact, in 6 simple words, David has managed to convey EVERYTHING about reading. When you start reading a book, you do in fact seem to literally fall into another world, and it's usually a world you don't want to leave. Sometimes you jump in, and sometimes you're pulled in, but either way, as soon as you open the book, you're inside. You imagine yourself as the main character. Everything he feels, you feel. Everything he does, you do. It's not someone else's story anymore, it's YOUR story.

Falling into books is the most amazing feeling. You're a time traveler, a gypsy, a damsel in distress, anything you want to be. There's nothing you can't do. Reading books allows you to live thousand of lives instead of just the one that everyone else experiences. It's a feeling you can't get enough of. You crave it, you're addicted to it. Some might say it's unhealthy - my parents included - but hey, reading improves your English, doesn't it? Your ACT score will thank you for it later.

When you read a book, you don't just fall into a book, you absorb it. You relate to the characters in the book, so you are the characters in the book. Not only that, but there are many things you learn from books. The characters can serve as role models, and indeed, sometimes I find myself wishing that in elementary school when we were told to write about our role models, I had written about a book character rather than someone in real life. Not that the people around you don't affect you, because they do, but because many times, a book character can have you reflect upon yourself/change yourself as well.

At this point I think I'm just rambling, but I hope I got my point across. Well, points across, the main one being that this quote is breathtaking in the depth it hides behind its simple words.

What are some of your favorite quotes?