Review Policy

Disclaimer: Time Turning Reads accepts no forms of compensation for book reviews. All reviews posted on this site are my own, and contain my honest opinions of each book.

If you are an author or a publisher who would like to request a review of one of your books, then you have come to the right place! This page will tell you about my review policy and the reviews themselves.


Type of Books I Review:

I accept ebooks, eARCs/digital review copies, and physical books/ARCs. Please note that I am not currently accept self-published books. Any work sent to me will not be shared, given, or sold unless requested to do so. Keep in mind that not every review can be accepted, due to lack of interest or time to review the book. If so, I will tell you such in an email.

My preferred genres are Young Adult, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance. I do also occasionally read Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk, and graphic novels. However, I never read non-fiction, erotica, self-help books, poetry, or short stories.

What To Include in The Request:

In your review request, please make sure to include:

  • Book Title & Synopsis
  • Book Cover
  • Genre of Book
  • Link to Goodreads (or other page with details including publisher, publication date, etc.)

What To Expect In The Review:

The review on Time Turning Reads will include:

  • Book Cover
  • Title & Author
  • Genre
  • Publication Name and Date
  • Book Synopsis
  • My Honest Opinion
  • Rating
  • Any Other Requested Details (author info, interview, guest post, etc.)
Note: Book covers will be taken from Goodreads, but book and author info will be taken from your request unless Goodreads has more complete information.
For all book requests, reviews will be posted on Time Turning Reads, Goodreads, Twitter, Amazon, and elsewhere upon request (Barnes & Noble, etc.). I will email you the link to the blog review after it is posted. A review will be posted whether it is positive or negative. Also, I invite you to request interviews, guest posts, and/or giveaways since it is always nice getting to know new authors! I am also happy to participate in blog tours for titles I accept to review.

Please Understand:

  • I view EVERY review request and consider all of them equally.
  • If I know I won't like a book, I will tell you so kindly, as I don't like writing negative reviews.
  • Review Requests will be answered immediately unless I am extremely busy for some reason. In such a case, I will reply within the week.
  • I will respond to every review request, whether I accept or deny the request.
  • I do not accept any form of compensation for my reviews.

Contact Me:

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