Saturday, August 9, 2014

My "Sumket List"!

I literally just remembered that a few weeks ago (when I was still blogging on Swimming Through Thoughts) I promised everyone a glimpse into my life through my very own Sumket List. It's basically short for Summer Bucket List; I think I came up with that word but honestly I have no idea. Anyways, I realize that it's already past the first week of August, but I decided to keep my promise and make a list of things on my Last Month of Summer Bucket List. I bet nobody has done one of these before. Before you take a look at the list below - a very short list, if you haven't noticed - I'd just like to point out that as it's summer, there aren't many things I really want to accomplish, so really, finding 8 things that I HAVE to do before September 2nd (the dreadful first day of school) is actually really impressive. Now if only I could reduce that list to 0, but that's impossible since I have to go to college *pout*. Okay, I'm blabbering. Please ignore me and feel free to take a look at my Sumket List.

My Reasons

1. Like all good book bloggers, I'm big on procrastination, what with books - and most recently, TV shows - getting in the way of doing things like homework, and sometimes even blogging. For example, my new addiction with 'Elementary', a show about Sherlock Holmes after rehab, has kept me from doing both. I'd like to start the new school year without an F thank you very much, hence finishing my summer homework being #1 on my Sumket List.

2. While I'm already really busy this summer blogging, working on college applications, studying for the ACT and SAT, and doing summer homework, 12th grade is obviously going to be much more difficult. That's why I'd like to finish all my pending reviews and ARC's before school starts. This way, hopefully I'll have a bit less book-related distractions when I'm trying to study for an AP class. It seems like it'll work in theory, so I'm sticking with it.

3. Like I said, I'd like to be able to focus on school during the school year, and it makes sense that finishing my early application essays would help with that. After all, it's obvious school isn't going to stop me from requesting more books and getting addicted with newly discovered TV shows.

4. School starts September 2nd for me, so August is when I'll do my school shopping. This isn't really so much a goal as something I know I'll be doing. However, unlike almost everything else on my Sumket List, I'm actually looking forward to this. Who doesn't love school supplies shopping? I very much enjoy it; it's the going to school part that I hate.

5. For some reason I haven't been getting any new GFC or Bloglovin' followers on the blog this month. I don't know if it's my blog design or if my content is boring, but I really want to fix whatever is wrong and get some followers! After all, what is a blog without the amazing people who read it?!

6. Exactly like it says on my Sumket List, you can never go wrong with following new people! I think I'll go on a little GFC following spree and follow as many interesting book blogs as I can! And of course i want to comment on other people's blogs more; even if they don't visit me back, I love getting exposed to other book bloggers' amazing ideas.

7. I figure that maybe one of the reasons my blog isn't attracting many followers is that my posts aren't interesting enough. More than that though, I want to write more interesting posts because they're just so FUN to write. Book reviews are nice and all, but I'll be the first to admit that reading and writing book reviews everyday can be boring. 

8. This one has a bit of a story behind it. For almost 5 years now I've been yearning to go and take a dip in the pool, but it's just my luck that I never find a swimsuit that I actually LIKE. I've bought tons of them, then returned them about a week later. And of course, why spend money on something you don't adore, right? So I really can't go swimming until I find that perfect bathing suit. Nonetheless, I'm determined to dip at least one digit into the pool this year because really, 5 years without a cannonball is crazy!

What are some things you'd put on your own Sumket List?