Friday, August 14, 2015

Back in Time (#3) --> Potter & The Doctor STAHP

 Back in Time is a meme hosted here at Time Turning Reads, where we discuss main events and happenings here on the blog that have taken place in the past week, month, etc. Anything in the recent past really.

If you've been following me on social media, then you probably know that I've had a few crazy obsessions going on in the past few weeks. I suppose I'm having a there's less than a month until college starts! phase or something, but I've been going crazy finding ways to fill up these precious last few weeks of freedom.

My friends have been telling me to jump on the Doctor Who train for about a year now. Maybe halfway through senior year last year I watched The Eleventh Hour since one of my best friends loves Matt Smith to death, but after that it was radio silence between me and the show. I absolutely loved the one episode I did watch, but I guess with all the current shows I was avidly watching and the studying and senioritis, I just didn't have enough time to start binging the show.

A week or so ago, I found myself flat out of current TV shows, and if you know me, then you also know that zero shows to watch is a no-no for me. I must always have a television option! I don't know what it was (actually, I think it was Pinterest), but all of the sudden I was obsessed. This time I wanted to do it right and was determined to watch the modern Doctor Who from the beginning. So I watched the first episode avidly, then went to bed. The next day I drove over to Barnes & Noble, desperately dug through piles of Pop! figures, and found myself home with cutsie versions of the tenth and eleventh doctors. And then I took pictures and bothered the world.

And eventually...

Luckily for the world, I got sidetracked for a bit, so everyone is free from my Doctor Who shenanigans for a while. What did I get sidetracked with, you ask? Harry Potter of course! I think it was Pinterest's fault again - I remember stumbling upon the anniversary edition HP covers I had so thoroughly gotten out of memory - but suddenly I couldn't imagine my life without them. I gladly emptied the pitiful remains of my wallet onto the new boxed set, and then of course it was re-read time. I took some snaps and bothered more of the world (sorry).

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And it doesn't get more accurate than this:

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Clearly I have no pity on my followers (that STAHP in the title is just for you lovelies). I still have to finish reading the fifth, sixth and seventh books, but after that I'll be down to one obsession, which I'm sure everyone will appreciate. The bright side of this is that since I'm stuck either reading a HP book or staring at a DW episode, I've had a ton more time to catch up on reviews and write up posts. I'm definitely going crazy these last weeks of summer, but I'm enjoying it!


One last exciting thing happened last week: I met my roomie! Well, I only met her through text, but I'll be living with her next month so it's good enough for now. She's basically the perfect roommate: she loves Harry Potter, will talk your ear off about Doctor Who, and even has a Pride & Prejudice sweatshirt!! Not even the roommate gods could have matched us up better.

So that's my past two weeks. How have you guys been? Anything exciting happen recently? And are you a HP or DW fan as well? Let's chat!