Friday, September 5, 2014

Back in Time (#2) --> Back to School, Unfortunately

 Back in Time is a meme hosted here at Time Turning Reads, where we discuss main events and happenings here on the blog that have taken place in the past week, month, etc. Anything in the recent past really.

For this post I'll set the time period for one week. After all, too much time travel can make a person too sick to go to school (oh wait...that's a good thing).

What's Been Going on With Me

It's that crazy time of year, with children everywhere (myself included) lamenting the loss of summer vacation, and the terrible thing brought in instead: school. High school started up again this Tuesday, and boy has it made me busy. The best part is that it's so much easier than junior year was. I clearly remember the last month of 11th grade being torturous, with me pulling all-nighters and struggling to stay awake during school. Luckily, now that AP Bio isn't in my schedule anymore, life is much easier. I have been getting a lot of homework though, and that kind of sucks.

Speaking of lots of homework, I've realized that I can''t blog, do all my homework, read, and get 8 hours of sleep all at the same time, so unfortunately, I won't be able to post everyday anymore. In fact, it'll be lucky if I manage to post once a week (though of course I will, because WEEKENDS!). And of course, that means less book reviews as well, though I'll be sure to try and read the ARC's before my own books of choice thanks to my lack of free time. The only reason I was able to get posts up every day this week was because I had them scheduled ahead of time >.<

Overall, school has been a pleasant surprise, and while I still don't prefer it over summer vacation, I can live with it. I'll never get over the fact that I don't have time for everyday posts and tweets and all that good stuff, but I'll manage haha. Hopefully I'll have more time on my hands once I finish my college applications and that one last essay I still haven't finish (part of my summer homework). Sorry in advance if it takes me a while to reply to your comments and visit your blogs!

The best part is that I just got a bucket-load of new ARC's to read, and whoop-dee-doo I have no idea how I'm going to manage since I'm determined not to stay up reading this year. Everyone pray for me! Hope you guys have better luck with your TBR piles than I probably will! Ignoring my blabbering, that's what my week has looked like.

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