Friday, July 25, 2014

Early Review: Slave Girl (1,001 Erotic Nights #1) by Lisa Cach

The first thing I want to bring to notice is that the sex was not appreciated. In fact, it kind of creeped me out. I'm not a huge fan of sex in books in the first place, and this novella had some really...weird scenes. I think the author was trying to make the sex seem really intense, but most of the time I was just disgusted, and kind of shocked. The descriptions were irregular, and the wording and sexual innuendos the slaves used were unpleasant. I can understand why it was done though, to help make the different time period more prominent. Still, throughout the book, I tried to skim through the sex as quickly as possible; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Though this book is erotica, I'm not sure if all erotica fans will like the book.

The main character wasn't the worse, but I definitely had a problem with her. She was a slave who hadn't always been a slave. Nimia was a spoil of war, and was separated from her mother during the same war. She doesn't know what became of her mother, and who her father was. The thing I liked about Nimia was even though disobeying her master would mean death, she still does everything in her power to chases whatever clues she can to find her family. I also kind of loved the fact that she was a seer; it made things much more interesting, and that's probably the only reason I continued reading the novella. What I didn't like about Nimia was that even though she was a slave girl who was forbidden to be touched until her initiation, she actually looked forward to her sex-filled initiation. Sure, I'm sure a young girl would be curious, but the way she thought about didn't really allow me to like her. I'd think she should be more worried about escaping the palace instead of wanting to stay there. Nimia did say she wanted freedom several times throughout the novel, but I recall more times that she said she wanted to have sex with either her master or Clovis, the Barbarian Prince.

Nimia's master was king of the palace, so of course I didn't want Nimia to desire to be his slave, but I didn't despise Nimia for seeing something in Clovis. He seemed mysterious, and according to Nimia, he was very handsome. And even better, he apparently met Nimia's father before. What I'm trying to say is he started out as a great character. Then, as the novella went on, I started disliking him more and more. He was bossy, untrusting, and I came to the conclusion that Nimia should stay as far away from Clovis as possible. But of course, she instead falls in love with him. Then Clovis does something unmentionably terrible, and that made me simultaneously angry and sad. I kind of want to continue reading the series if just to find out what happens between Clovis and Nimia.

While I'm glad there was romance, I really wish there had been no sex. That was the only part of the novella that kept it from its full potential. What I enjoyed most about the story was the plot. In fact, that's one of the only reasons I want to read the next installment is because I want to know if Nimia finds her family, I want to know if she'll get caught, I want to know if she will stop being crazy about sex, and most of all, I want to see if she'll find someone worthy of her love. Bu I'll say it again, I wish 'Slave Girl' wasn't an erotic romance.

'Slave Girl' is an interesting read about a young girl battling her fears and desires, and for the first time, features a good guy who isn't exactly a good guy. Readers who like high fantasy and won't mind the unusual sex scenes may consider giving this novella a try. It may not have been the best read, but it's so much better than I had expected when looking at the cover and synopsis.

Book Synopsis: From national bestselling author Lisa Cach comes an erotic, adventurous series about a slave girl with prophetic gifts. Nimia is to become her Roman ruler’s concubine, until a ruthless barbarian prince steals her heart—and more.

~A copy was received from Pocket Star for review~

Title: Slave Girl
Author: Lisa Cach
Publication Date: July 28, 2014
Publisher: Pocket Star
Genre: Erotica, Romance