Saturday, September 26, 2015

A "Yeah, I'm Still Alive" Review: Lois Lane: Fallout (Lois Lane #1) by Gwenda Bond

I'm not a Superman fan - or at least I haven't had the opportunity to become one, yet - but after reading this I definitely want to become one! Lois Lane is basically Nancy Drew, and I may or may not love them both a lot. Like, seriously. A lot. I'm not even kidding. I want to watch Man Of Steel now just so I can see 1) Superman's relationship with Lois Lane, and 2) Lois Lane's detective prowess. What I love about this book is that it's basically a prequel to what their relationship is, and it's absolutely wonderful. I loved every moment of their romance, and let me just tell you that it wasn't super cliché like you'd expect - it's surprisingly well developed, and it isn't something that finished by book one either. Not only do I love the with that prompted the author to make Superman's username SmallvilleGuy, but he's super protective and yet so not perfect. It's also super fun knowing who he is while Lois doesn't: it's neat being able to comprehend the allusions and references in the novel that even the non-Superman fan can understand. So yeah the romance was amazing, but guess what? THE MYSTERY WAS BRILLIANT.

I knew as soon as I saw this book at the library that I needed to give it a chance, and I'm so happy I did because it was perfect. The mystery aspect of the story honestly kept me reading more than the romance did, surprisingly enough. If you enjoy watching Doctor Who, then you'll most assuredly enjoy the mystery present in this story - they both have the same feel to them, and they're a blast to experience. Once you start reading this, you won't be able to stop. The mystery is realistic and fantastical and utterly amazing. Also, it's not predictable in the least, which only makes it that much more exciting! I have so much more to say on the mystery, but I don't want to spoil anything by accident so I just hope you believe me when I say it's worth the read.

The next best thing about the novel would have to be the gang of friends Louis makes in her new school - they are pretty much the dream team. I mean, I really wish I made friends like that without even trying. Each friend had a completely different personality, and I loved each and every one of them, though possibly some more than others. In addition, the pacing of the book as a whole was well done. I was in a bit of a book slump when I started reading this one, and then boom, I finished the novel in under three hours and bye bye, book slump. If anyone is looking for a quick, easy, memorable read, then I highly recommend this. Even if you hate superheroes with every gut feeling inside of you, take a chance on this book; it'll be worth it.

It's kind of crazy how excited I am for the second book to come out considering this book wasn't even on my radar until I picked it up off of the library shelf. To be honest, I'll probably end up watching Man Of Steel during the wait just so I'm more prepared for the next book - maybe I'll be able to catch more references next time around! Anyone who hasn't encountered this book yet or maybe decided that it wasn't your thing, I really hope it does turn out to be your thing because it's so. good. It has the perfect blend of humor, well-developed characters, romance, and mystery, as well as a gorgeous cover and a nice, heavy weight (yes, I do tend appreciate when books are heavier than they's not weird). So what this all gets down to is that this book was incredible and you need to go buy it or check it out. I insist.

Book Synopsis: Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis. An Army brat, Lois has lived all over—and seen all kinds of things. (Some of them defy explanation, like the near-disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the middle of one night.) But now her family is putting down roots in the big city, and Lois is determined to fit in. Stay quiet. Fly straight. As soon as she steps into her new high school, though, she can see it won’t be that easy. A group known as the Warheads is making life miserable for another girl at school. They’re messing with her mind, somehow, via the high-tech immersive videogame they all play. Not cool. Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter, Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery. But sometimes it’s all a bit much. Thank goodness for her maybe-more-than-a friend, a guy she knows only by his screenname, SmallvilleGuy.

Source: Borrowed a copy from the library.

Title: Lois Lane: Fallout
Author: Gwenda Bond
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: Switch Press
Genre: YA, Mystery, Superheroes
Pages: 304 pages