Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday (#12) - How To Lose A Bachelor

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, and it features an upcoming release that we're crazy excited for and literally cannot wait to get our hands on.

This week's pick is:

How To Lose A Bachelor
by Anna Banks
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Publication Date: October 12, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC (Bliss)
Pages: not available at this time

When Rochelle Ransom auditioned for the dating show Luring Love, she had big plans for winning the prize money to help her favorite charity–and if she won the hot bachelor's heart, even better. But at the last minute she finds out the hot bachelor is her ex-boyfriend, Grant Drake. Desperate to keep her distance from him, she'll do anything–and everything–to get voted off.

Years ago, Rochelle broke Grant’s heart, and he's out for revenge. There's no way he'll vote her off.

After all, vengeance is a dish best served red-hot...and on live television.

When her hilarious antics to get kicked off the show escalate, Grant’s reminded why he fell in love with her the first time. Now he isn't sure which might be more fun... Seeing how far Rochelle is willing to go to get away or how far he will to keep her forever.

Why I'm Waiting...

Ever since I first watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, I've kind of sort of loved the whole "how to blah blah blah" thing. I mean seriously, they make for the cutest romances. They have Historical Romance versions and Contemporary Romance versions (though I've only found one so far) and it's all good and great. I haven't read any in a while now though, so when this popped up on my Twitter feed no less than three times, I figured I should probably add it to by to-be-read pile. I did that just based on the cover and title.

Then I finally bothered to look at the synopsis, and to say it hooked me would not be saying enough. I've always found ex love stories soooo super cute, and combine this with Rochelle making a fool of herself on live television in order to get away from her ex, well, doesn't that just sound near darn perfect? There's really nothing better than an absorbing romance plus a bundle of laughs all combined into one, so I really need this book ASAP. Preethi has no patience!

What book are you waiting on this week?

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