Monday, March 9, 2015

Someone Save My Soul, Please

My status as an on-again, off-again book blogger is probably well known by now around these parts. Fortunately for me, I am very on-again right now. Unfortunately for me, there are things called final exams, and it's just my luck that my first one starts this Wednesday. And I'm not prepared in the least. So it's pretty much this bad combination of time management and educational requirements that make it necessary for me to take a week-long hiatus. I know, I know, I'm going to miss you guys too. On the bright side, my superb procrastination skills means I'll probably be on Twitter a lot, so at least we won't be completely disconnected!

I don't plan on being an off-again blogger anytime soon - after all, if senior year has any perks, it should be the time to blog - so if all goes as planned, I shall be back spiffy and blogging by next Monday, March 16th. Be on the lookout for a review of Rites of Passage on Monday! In the meantime, here are some books I plan on reading, and hopefully reviewing as well, relatively soon. You and I both can look forward to that ;)

To be fair, it's quite possible I may end up reading completely different books, because I'm big on mood reading, but hey, I guess we'll just have to see how close I was at guessing what I'll be reading. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy your week off from me! Have fun, eat junk food, and read a ton of books!!

Love you guys,
Preethi xoxo