Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mid-Fall Mini Reviews (Time for Me to Catch Up!)

As you guys have probably noticed, I have been a bit more than lax not only in writing book reviews, but in reading as well. Fall is the season of books with cider, yes, but it also happens to be the time of year that television shows and their new seasons come out, and guess which one I was having the more fun with? And then of course there is school and all of its dreaded elements, which I do not even want to get in to. Nevertheless, it is Thanksgiving break, and so I can finally make time for blogging again (I say make time because I am supposed to be starting/finishing round two of college applications...).

One of my options at this point would be to write a review for every book I have read since September, but considering how little I actually remember of those books, I decided instead to compile an extra short list of extra mini reviews on the books that stick out in my memory. Hopefully my single sentences are enough to convey my feelings on each book!

Did any of my comments get you thinking "what is WRONG with Preethi, she is totally wrong about that book!!"? If so, PLEASE do tell! Also, any thoughts you happened to actually agree with?