Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Outlander', But...

Outlander, the newest - and in my opinion, most amazing - Starz TV show.

There is almost literally NOTHING that I hate about Starz's new TV show, adapted from the book 'Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon. Nothing, that is, except one thing, but we can discuss that later. First I want to talk about all the GREAT things the new show has to offer.

Why I Fell in Love (At First Sight)

  • Right from the very beginning, the setting and the mood were authentic, and it was easy to become invested in Claire's fate.
  • Claire wasn't the most energetic and out-going of characters (at least in the beginning), and because of this, it was easier to connect with her. I tend to keep my vibrancy locked up while in public, and in that way it seemed Claire was like me.
  • While I was definitely weirded out by how many times Claire and her husband Frank had sex after they reunited - and how they had it - they actually worked well together, and they were a cute couple.
  • Each scene was done beautifully, and it all seemed so real from my spot on the bed under the covers. Even now, about a week after watching the show, I can still clearly recall everything that happened.
  • The little surprises Starz had for us after Claire went back in time...
  • Okay, I've held this in for too long: JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dreamy eyes*
  • I haven't read the book, but I've heard it said many times that the first episode made all fans of the book proud, and any such series gets an A+ in my book for that.
  • And of course, let's not forget the potential for all the other episodes in the show! I'm so excited to find out what happens, especially since I haven't read the book yet!!

Did I mention that Claire is also a book reader? There is no possible way a heroine could be any more perfect.

The One and Only Problem I've Been Banging Myself Over the Head This Week Thinking About

I know I'm going to sound like the non-book-reader that I am regarding this series, but even while watching the pilot episode, I've been worrying myself over whole adultery factor that may play in (though I'm not sure if falling in love with another man while you're married counts as adultery). Don't get me wrong, I am head over heels for Jamie just as every other female who watched the first episode is, but I never could get that adultery thing out of my mind. GAH SHE'S A MARRIED WOMAN! You have no idea how much I wish Claire was single! Yet at the same time, I really want her to end up with Jamie. Do you sense my inner turmoil? This nonsense has been running through my head this ENTIRE WEEK. I need a solution!

Jamie and Claire riding a horse after she fixes his dislocated arm.
Honestly, at this point, I have no idea who's going to end up with who. Based on the TV show poster, I'd say that Claire and Jamie will end up together, though I have no idea how because I don't think Claire will end up staying in Scotland's past forever. And the only way I'd be okay with any of this happening is Frank found someone to keep him happy. I need both Frank and Claire to be happy, dammit! Or maybe after the stroll through the past is done with, Claire will find a Jamie look-a-like in the present? Like I said, there are too many possibilities, but I trust that the ending will be one I'm fond of. I mean, I can't be the only one worried about a married woman falling in love with someone that's not her husband, right? So yes, I supposed the ending will be something I'll be ecstatic with, but until then, my mind will be running through all the possible endings, excluding what will actually happen. Someone should pray for me.

My Overall Vote?

I love Jamie. 

My "Makes Sense" Vote?

Adultery or no adultery, I will be watching this show until the very end, whether or not I brain explodes from thinking about all the "what ifs". This is the best adult TV show I've EVER seen in my life, as it even beats CW's 'Reign', a show I thought could not be beaten...until now. Just the first episode made me want to run to the bookstore and buy the book, so Starz is definitely doing something everything right. I honestly don't know if I'll survive until episode 2 since it only comes out this Saturday (too long...TOO LONG!). Maybe I'll just spend this week watching a marathon of Jamie, er, I meant the first episode. 

How do you feel about Claire being a married woman (or does it not bother you at all)? What did you think of the series premiere of 'Outlander'? I'd love to hear your thoughts!