Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Welcome to Time Turning Reads!

Hello! My name is Preethi, and I'm the author of 'Time Turning Reads'. I love love writing book reviews - as well as writing about TV shows, movies, and other hobbies - and what better way to combine my interests than to start a (mostly) book blog, right? This isn't my first time blogging though. I got bored of my last blog and since it's summer, I decided that I'd never have this much time again to design a new blog.

My last blog was a Wordpress blog called 'Swimming Through Thoughts' (, and what I miss most about it is the wonderful community. However, I'm sure there's a similarly great community here, and I can't wait to meet you guys! I look forward to chatting with everyone and sharing comments about things we have in common. Don't be afraid to drop comments, I always enjoy reading them! And the added benefit is that I get to visit your awesome blogs!

So anyways, I just dropped by to say hi. Have a wonderful summer, and an even more wonderful time blogging. I look forward to getting to know you.