Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (#1)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and all we do here is write Top 10 lists inspired by their prompts.

This week's prompt is:

Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From (not in any particular order)

1. Rick Riordan

I think every reading child has gone through that Percy Jackson phase, and I am no exception. I bought tons of Rick's books, including The Kane Chronicles, which I personally though was even better than 'The Lost Hero' and its counterparts. Below are the books of his that I own:

2. American Girl

Even before Percy Jackson came about, there were the American Girl Dolls, and I was into that as well (still am actually). Of course, I was only ever interested in the historical girls, and it turns out I actually have almost the same number of books (12) in this series as I do with Rick
Riordan's books (13). However, not all of these books are written by the same author, but I'm just going to bunch them up into this group anyways. Here are the books I have:

3. J.K. Rowling

Do I even have to explain this one? EVERYONE either went through the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings series as a kid, though usually never both (at least, I've never met someone who has read both series). I happened to go through the HP route (as should have everybody!!). I actually own 2 copies of the 6th book so that'll count toward the weird numbers...

4. Jane Austen

Of course any Jane Austen addict has to have a collection of all seven novels, whether or not she (or he) has actually read all of those novels. I've personally only read 'Pride & Prejudice', 'Persuasion', and 'Northanger Abbey', and I really disliked the latter. However I did watch 'Emma', so I think that counts for something. I actually have the special B&N edition of the collection, with all 7 novels bound together in one, special cover, but I'm just picturing all the books below to get the point across that there are 7 books.

5. Colleen Houck

I won all four of Colleen's books in the Tiger's Saga, and this is definitely one buy I will never regret. I try my very best to only buy books which I am greatly in love with - mostly because I don't re-read, and I feel guilty about spending all that money - and this series definitely fits the bill! Here are the covers:

6. Cinda Williams Chima

The reason I actually started buying this series was because each book was REALLY cheap at Borders for some reason (like $3 each or something), and of course I had to get them. Low prices + gorgeous covers make a wonderful combination. Luckily, the novels turned out to be as great on the inside as they were on the outside, and so I've continued my purchasing of the series ever since.

7. Pseudonymous Bosch

A friend gave me this first book in the series as a gift for coming to her birthday party, and that's it. I was hooked. I went out and got the first three books in the series, and when the fourth book came out, I got that too. Unfortunately, by the time the fifth novel was out, I was too grown up for the series (aka I wasn't interested anymore). Here are the books I own:

8. Eoin Colfer

I'm not actually 100% sure why I have random books in this series. I think I had nothing to read, and so begged my relatives to get me some books. So I went to a store with them, and these were literally the most interesting books they had haha. I didn't like them very much; the plot was good, but there was little to no romance, so...I just wish I hadn't wasted my grandparents' money >.<

9. Marie Lu

I actually asked for this series from my mom as a Christmas present. I had been seeing the boxed set in Barnes & Nobles and it was just too pretty to resist! It was kind of a stupid decision though, especially since I had already tried reading the book even before I asked for it as a present, and I never got far into the book before I got bored. The same thing happened the second time I tried reading 'Legend'. One day though, I will definitely get through that series.

10. Susan Collins

C'mon, who hasn't been addicted to this series? Actually, who isn't addicted to this series?? Even non-book readers from all around the world are epic Hunger Games fans, so of course any self-respecting book lover has these books on their shelves!

Which authors line your shelves? Leave me a link so I can find out!